Welcome To Our School

Established in 1980, Mark Spivak's Institute has been providing the Jacksonville community with outstanding dance classes for over three decades. Mark Spivak's Institute and its staff are dedicated to reach out to every student and help them discover the wonderful magic within themselves through the beauty of dance.

What We Offer

Our school offers high quality dance classes for students of all ages, from toddlers to adults. Our program includes Ballet, Pointe, Character, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Modern, Cheerdance, Acrobatics, Tumbling, Pre-School Creative Dance, and Summer program.

We encourage all students, age eight and older to take at least two classes weekly to ensure maximum benefit from their training. This is the normal standard in all professionally oriented dance schools. It is recommended, but not mandatory. Quality teaching remains in all classes; every student deserves the same high level of teaching and attention, regardless of their dance goals! Different classes and levels are available for children, teens and adults.

Our Program

Creative Dance

This one time a week class for 2 to 3 years old is offered to young age children with parent/adult, stimulates children's spontaneity and self-expression. In a playful atmosphere, children discover the joy of dance through the exploration of space, time and energy. A variety of music and props as well as ballet, jazz, tap, tumbling and games are used to enhance the learning experience and develop social skills.

Ballet Beginning I-II, Intermediate and Advance

5 years old & up students are being introduced to formal study of classical ballet through age-appropriate skill development, creative expression and the relationship between music and dance. Using French terminology, Vaganova's system along with Chicetti's, young dancers learns the French vocabulary of classical ballet, technique and emphasis on body placement.

Character Dance

This course for 9 year old & up offers a wide variety of a fusion of cross- cultural dance from around the world. Russian, Ukrainian, Greek, Moldavian, African, European, Latin and more.


Students learn tap terminology and to apply rhythm and timing into a tap routine. Tap dance develops a keen sense of rhythm as well as coordination.

Pas De Deux Partnering in Ballet

This class is offered for students from 12 years old to adults.


9 years old & up children are learning contemporary dance movements with self expression.

Ballet / Tap / Tumbling

These one or two times a week introductory combination classes for 3 - 4 1/2 years old help children to explore the basic elements of dance while having fun moving, using props and hearing a variety of music (age appropriate classical and Disney). This class will help students develop concentration, music appreciation, social skills, self-confidence and coordination. Children will gain basic knowledge of ballet, tap, or tumbling.

Pointe and Ballet Variations

Pointe is essential for the serious dancer. The dancer must be at least 11 years old, with 3 to 5 years of disciplined experience. Pointe may only be taken at the discretion of the teacher. Classes for different levels and ages are offered. In order to take Pointe student must take two Ballet classes per week for at least 2 years.


Children of all ages will have fun listening to their favorite popular artists while learning basic steps and techniques of Hip-Hop and Jazz dance. Hip-Hop is a high-energy dance form.


Various forms of movement and the wide terminology utilized in this form of dance. Two basic styles are used:(1) modern or contemporary jazz, and (2) the new rock, video and stage dance.


Children 3 years old & up learn the art of body flexibility. It also teaches balance, strength, muscle control, and above all, discipline and concentration.

Summer Program

Fun Dance Camp and Summer classes for those who would like to keep in shape, and for those who needs to try a different class in order to find out what they like best.

Annual Show

At the end of the dance year, in the mid of June, students from all classes will have the opportunity to present what they have achieved during the course of the year to friends and family in our annual performance. It will be the culmination of a year's work of studying dance style and technique.